Leather & Suede


If you’re the proud owner of a designer leather jacket or your suede trousers are looking a little grubby, you’ve come to the right place

Leathers and suede need professional cleaning by experts. That’s why take the utmost care in preparing, cleaning and finishing your leathers. Using formulations specifically designed for skins, we will do your suede, sheepskin and leather dry cleaning to perfection.

Our leather cleaning service promises:

  • A top quality clean
  • Careful handling of your garments
  • Value for money

And of course, as with all our other cleaning services, we offer collection and delivery too. You’re never far away from your local dry cleaners.


We’ll clean your other garments and do your ironing for you too

Of course, we don’t just specialise in leather and suede garments. We clean a range of garments from silks and satins through to standard dry cleanable items. Our curtain cleaning service is always in demand, as is our popular ironing service. Why not see how we can help you today?